Saturday, 5 May 2018

Friends you once had...

I've already written down my thoughts on true friendship. This can be seen as an additional statement. 

People change throughout their life. Change isn't automatically bad, it just happens. Everyone changes their hobbies, their focus on life. It's normal I guess. Espcially young people change every few years. When they move out of their parents' house, when they finish their education, start working and somehow become adults. That's a lot to take in and sometimes friends become strangers due to all these changes. They start focusing on different things and become more and more alienated. Things like that happen every day. It's sad and there are days when I miss some people a lot and think of the beautiful time we once had. But I guess I should just keep and praise that memory instead of regretting it. 

People change. And so do I. People that don't want to or just can't understand and support your current life conditions, shouldn't be part of your everyday world. It's important to concentrate on yourself and make sure that there is at least one person who understands you. 

Life goes on and people come and go. Make the best out of it. 

Monday, 19 March 2018

Worrying about the future?

Many people worry about the future every day. And I do, too. If you're a thoughtful person, you're likely to worry about it a lot. I often find myself worrying too much, although I know that I shouldn't. 

One very important reason why I shouldn't worry about the future too much is:

It's the future. It's purely speculative and it's unlikely to happen the exact way you're imagining it. 

Of course it can get worse. But it can also get better. Or it can turn out totally different. 

There is no need to rack one's brain over something that hasn't even happened! The present is more important. It should matter the most. Enjoy the moment, because once it's gone, it's never coming back. If someone worries the whole life about the future, that person isn't living in the present and therefore is likely to miss out on something. 

So the present is the key to happiness. A great moment will become a great memory so that makes a positive present and a positive past. So let the future be a mystery which doesn't have to be solved now - but in time.